Student Testimonials

As a student that battles anxiety, Tracey Edson was the perfect balance between nurturing and professional. He had an ability to assist me through coursework according to my needs without holding me to any lower standard then other pre professional music students. He became a meaningful mentor and friend that has helped me in various stages of my career, and showed me what it means to perform and present myself with both professionalism and heart. — Taylor, soprano; former college piano student

Tracey will work with you to achieve your goals whatever they are. When I started working with him, I had only a vague idea of what those goals were; I only knew I was dissatisfied with where I was as a singer and I couldn’t really say why. But by working through repertoire we identified problems and how to address them and strengths an how to exploit them. And while technique is always paramount, we have moved on to stylistic and aesthetic concerns as well. With his encouragement, I have performed several solo recitals that were well-received by friends and professional musicians. I feel that I have grown from being a singer who can do what he is told to being a musician whose instrument is his voice. I owe that to my collaboration with Tracey. — Jonathan, lawyer, artist, singer; voice student

[Tracey is] direct, professional and loving in [his] corrections. It doesn’t matter if it’s the Bass or Alto needing corrected it raises the bar for all of us …..we all try harder. — Randy, chorister

Tracey is so thoroughly knowledgeable about music that a student never stops learning.  I’ve been learning progressively from him for fifteen years.

Diane, choral student

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Music educator, coach, director. Direct children's and adult choruses. Teach and coach singers. Teach pianists and coach chamber music. Coach conducting. Founder/Artistic Director of KLIROS Liturgical Vocal Ensemble.

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